Energy Business brokerage Experience

George Chedsey, P.E.

Over the last 30 years our firm has been involved in and responsible for a myriad of assignments for energy, mining and civil engineering firms.  Most recently we have supported management on the following projects; 
Sale of Colorado headquartered hydrologic consulting firm
Sale of North Dakota energy service to a Fortune 500 firm for over 7X EBITDA
Sale of North Dakota water management firm
Development of sales and marketing operations for a private equity owned Rocky Mountain energy contractor

Doubling of sales with introduction of new product/service for a energy subcontracting firm
Location and site development for a Permian Basin E&P waste management facility
Development of brand, marketing and sales for a Bakken based energy services provider.

Location and negotiation of no-cost fuel and low cost power for remote data processing and Bitcoin mining firm 

Brokerage of oil service produced water and environmental firm
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